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of the problem, but because they did not have a good enforcement mechanism and because the laws on book wrs not enforced, we have a much greater problem today. e-verify is not the entire solution, but it is a critical part of the enforcement solution making it easier for employers to be abigail to know whether those presenting credentials to them for a job are indeed the person they say they are with the authorization they claim to have, and it does so electronically, which i think we'll see a demonstration of here today. let's get on with the opportunity to do that, and i'll put the rest of the statement in the record. thank you. >> i thank the chairman. i'll introduce you, have the demonstration, and recognize you for opening statements. i'll apologize for pronunciations that are a function of my inability to do things phonetically well. ms soraya correa. perfect it's not, but maybe close. associate director for the u.s. st'sship and immigration services, enterprise service director, and responsible for delivering immigration status and information in support of the uscis mission and over
everyone who looked at this law knew it was just a backdoor to sneak creationism into public school science classes. >>> and -- >> i never do debates about the existence of god. why would you do that? who are you going to convince? i like to talk about public issues. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- carnegie corporation of ne york, celebrating 100 years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the kohlberg foundation. independent production fund, with support from the partridge foundation, a john and polly guth charitable fund. the clements foundation. park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb alpert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. more information at anne gumowitz. the betsy and jesse fink foundation. the hkh foundation. barbara g. fleischman. and by our sole
or be in a position to consider this comprehensive response to our law enforcement that has already told us what they need. law enforcement does not take a partisan view in this. they just take a view what's going to help law enforcement, what's going to help us be safer. i think the senator and i came in from that position. thursday, the senate judiciary committee will continue our consideration of four measures to reduce gun violence. this issue, gun trafficking, straw purchases, was before the committee. what i am going to do is take my original trafficking bill, and i would tell the senators who are cosponsors and amend it with a text of the bipartisan compromise. i believe it approved the language already pending before the committee, provisions laid out in legislation are focused, they are commonsense remedies, and our bill does not affect lawful purchases from federal firearms licenseees, does not alter their rights and responsibilities, but our bill was drafted to request law enforcement to give needed tools to fight against the drug cartels, other criminals who threaten our communities.
pretty good, man. what's next on the show? >> the commonwealth is preparing to repeal a 136-year-old law that makes it illegal for unmarried virginian couples to live together. >> jon: damn you, south. do not make me [bleep] on you. so you're saying virginia's not really for lovers? next you'll tell me michigan's not for bringing lemonade and condoms to someone who turns out to be nbc's... we'll apologize tomorrow. i guess we'll find out when virginia passed that law in tonight's episode of "19th century news." hello, everybody. my most he's teemed viewers, 'tis i your humble host. my guest tonight florence nightingale. she's written a new book on something called antiseptics and their role in fighting deadly infections on the irish. first the 1800s people. first, a brief word from our sponsor. when it's friday night and you don't have to be anywhere 'til tuesday. anyway, our top story tonight, virginia has banned living in sin. no longer shall unmarried men and women terrorize our good state with their privates behind closed doors relationship. in technology news there's a brand new lab
's a comment on twitter. when boeing and others by law tried to notify employees of potential layoffs size year, obama astin not to do it. -- obama asked them not to do it. this notion of the warren act, can you talk about that? guest: the furloughs and that the federal government will not begin until the end of this month. you have to send a letter and the president signs it -- signed it last week saying that furloughs are coming. you've got to give advance notice. and in terms of contractors, you got to give advance notice as well, at least as i am under cla. the speaker pro tempore: of rule 0. any record vote on the postponed question will be taken later. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the rules and concur in the senate amendment to the bill, h.r. 307. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 307. an act to re-authorize certain programs under the public health service act and the federal food, drug and cosmetic act with respect to public health security and all has -- all-h
, the court said, cannot control as to whether the law is constitutional, but does control as to whether the antiinjunction statute applies. and this reminded me of louis carroll. [laughter] when i use a word, when i use a word like humpty dumpty, it means just what i choose it to mean, neither more, nor less. now, the magic of this dueling, call it taxonomy, means that because it is a penalty the court could go forward to consider its legality. because, but because it is a tax and not a penalty, it is a lawful exercise of the taxing power, not an unlawful exerlz of the power to regulate commerce. and a related irony is that five justices concluded that congress did not have the power under the commerce clause to regulate doing nothing. that is to say not buying health insurance. but five justices -- only chief justice in both camps -- held that congress does have the power to impose a tax for doing the very same nothing. not buying health insurance. so the constitutional law professor, president, who insisted that obamacare was constitutional was right all along. but he was right becaus
to vote, to discuss laws and permits. we have a budget to control and in that budget, you will see our mobility policy. you can have your own expenses on infrastructure work, for instance, but in brussels, we also have an important policy on financing groups, social groups who are working on the issue. and i believe we should never forget to work on equity because we have those big social differences within our town. this is just shortly a slide that shows you what already has been polled, that denmark and the netherlands, they are in fact far ahead of all of the other european countries and belgium is somewhere in-between making an effort but for sure also at this trip, i have been able to learn a lot from my european colleagues in denmark and in the netherlands. brussels is in the heart of europe and i think it's also has been a very good thing that there is european regulations, although at this moment, european regulations are mainly on achieving certain environmental standards. let's say pollution by co2 and particles. but that has helped us as we had too high air pollution in bru
rounds by anyone raises a flag to law enforcement. it's not uncommon to go through several hundred of rounds when you go to the range and it's also -- than it is to buy 50 round at a time. i would hope that the chief would be more concerned purchase by prohibited person than an arbitrary rounds by anyone. i fail to see what added benefit there is since vendors already require to maintain records of all sales. i don't see the added benefit. >> thank you, mr. green. next speaker please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is don did you dutel. i have a question on this law. has there been a demonstration from the previous legislation that has helped law enforcement by the district attorney where we have people caught with firearms or even using firearms in the city and if this legislation can demonstration where it's filling some holes or something like that where people are getting off i believe all citizens would like to use that. i do have firearms. a definition that does affect sports man. it's very difficult to have components shipped to san francisco. there are many vendors
items no. 1. >> item no. 1, prohibit sales of law enforcement ammunition. no. 2, police code require reporting 500 or more round >> these two items have been introduce by mayorly and supervisor co-hen. >> thank you very much. thank you. as many of you know i have joined with chief and other leaders to announce this legislation late last year. this has built upon to take on gun violence. ammunition, lethal ammunition. what the law doesn't restrict is it's possession. now we also have existing regulation that require anyone selling ammunition within the city limits maintain records of their sale which are required to be available for inspection at any time. but no city law requires any reporting of these types of sales by vendors that do not have locations inside the city and county of san francisco but sell to city residents. this is enforcing our existing our regulations. the first proposes to restrict not only the sale but possession of type of ammunition that is in lethal property designed for use by military personnel. anything sold black talent which was designed with sharp pro
are breaking the law, the city is breaking its own laws, it is a city exempt from its own laws? >> they are breaking the law, time and time again, with the load limit law on the marina boulevard at area and the access and also, for the buses which bring people in and the last time when we had the golden gate bridge anniversary, i mean the city actually had muni bringing the buses up and down the streets which have an ordinance saying that you can't do that. and you know, i think that we need to respect our own laws. i think that the city needs to respect its own laws. and do something about this. but, every time citizens have brought up the issue of these renegade, passenger vehicles, these commercial vehicles, cap able of carrying eight or more passengers absolutely nothing is done, it is just a quality of life issue. but it is important to people who live in the marina. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> as the da makes his way up there, i know that commissioner loftus was the commissioner assigned to northern station and i was at first and the commissioner lives in the
's law to help the seriously mentally ill we see on the streets. these folks are a danger to themselves and others and we must work with the system and put them on the pact through case management and monitoring. for two years now since i've been mayor we call this initiative for the community and it's working. this is helping people chief greater stability so this year we'll make the san francisco law calls laura's law pertinent. it's about public safety arrest despite a year where we experiences to homicides in our city san francisco remains the safest city at levels not seen since the 1960s. one homicide is too many. last year, i i was frustrated like all of you by the rash the homicides and shootings in this very community and i suggested we need to shack up our efforts for the police and communities to stop this voinsz. i regret the upheaval it started but i don't regret this today. since we launched the ipo we've seen some rules no homicides in august since the last thirty years. and homicides and gun violence down over the first part of the year citywide.
it in the house, you could not take the law seriously. nobody had any interest in voting against it. it was politically incorrect to vote against it was the implication, and therefore the court should not defer to it as it might normally defer to the law. >> what has changed since 2006 with this lot? >> the covered states need to be covered. because of voting rights violations. the congress amassed evidence of this, and that is why they extended section 5. >> special the county attorney, but jealous -- the shelby county , said we butch ellis have made tremendous strides. >> shelby county is the last place you want to make this case because the evidence of verifies keeping that county covered. chief justice roberts thinks things have changed. things have not changed that much. go back to the last convention. the evidence of attempted voter suppression is pervasive in this country. even more states probably should be covered than are already covered. >> that is sort of the point of shelby county. it says, you have not re- evaluated if it is already covered. we have not looked at this
law professor and government contracts law expert who was on the wartime contract commission on iraq and afghanistan wrote a memo describing all the ways in which the federal government can legally cut spending. and service contracts. it's very important especially in the context of the department of defense. in the last 10 years, spending on service contracts in the department of defense have more than doubled. from 72 billion per year to over to a hundred billion per year, just in the last 10 years. during that same time, in-house personnel costs have been effectively flat. he estimates that government- wide, 70%, to 90% of all sequestration spending cuts could easily come from service contracts. not exercising options, terminating for convenience, negotiating with the contractors not to continue with every option in their contracts. so it's not true that once a contract -- once money has been obligated to a contract that it is required to be spent. it's only when the work has already been done. host: i assume that the argument you are making to the administration. he would like to
to when you go, yeah, i would never do that or couldn't do that because of the laws in my political jurisdiction or whatever, we are not allowed to do that. then there's going to be other things when you think, gosh, i never thought about that, i think that would work really good. i'm going to take it back it my jurisdiction. probably over the past few years i've got 500 people i've dealt with, officers that have come to the class and subsequently become gravanis experts and set up programs. almost every program is different. a lot of the basis is the same, the information is consistent worldwide but people will tweak what information they are going to use and how they are going to be allowed to operate. some are in plain cars, some in marked units, it all depends how it's going to go. take the information you get, there's so much good information here today and tomorrow, take the information you want, take it back and integrate it into however you are going to work your program. when we come right down to it, it's not important what you know, it's what you can prove in court.
on and impart of the board of the executive committee of the law center to present the gun violence and i have been working on the gun violence prevention issues in the last 20 years, i raised my son in the city and my heart is in san francisco. and so thank you again for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> commissioner loftus? >> i love to get to hear the fellow commissioners talk about themselves and the love of the city and it is wonderful. i'm native san franciscoan also. i live in the sun se. my husband and i are raising our three daughters in the city i am a former prosecutor with the san francisco district attorney office. and one of fast vorite things to do is to get to be the neighborhood prosecutor and so i am very familiar with the great community partnerships and the legacy of the chiefs who respect the community's ability to help to solve problems together and i think that is just really great about coming out to these meetings. for my day job, now, i, like dr. marshal, i work in the bay view for a non-profit for the center of youth wellness. where we are trying to improve the he
. it will not be happening for at least 30 days because that is a period of time by law that federal employees need to be notified that their subject to furlough. that is casting little bit of a different feel about this. host: here is the baltimore sun -- the social security administration said it might shoulder across-the-board spending cuts without spending habits -- sending any of its full-time employees home. guest: that is a good example of how agencies will determine on a one by one basis of how they will deal with this. you heard the defense department saying that it was a lot that as soon as it was possible, they were going to furlough employes one day each week. that is a 20% pay cut for civilian employees at the defense department. each agency will have autonomy in how they implement these cuts. each agency is going to release their plan on an individual basis. host: what about benefits? guest: this will affect -- will not impact retirement plans or insurance. for employers -- employees that received a match, if you're not putting as much pate, you'll not be contributing as much to your
. i know what we do know. i bet you that this facility laid down the law to all its employees, don't do this. don't do that. because you could be sued. and we don't want -- we want to go outside this narrow area -- we don't want to go outside this narrow area at all because we worry about a lawsuit. you know that's the case. >> if that is the case, it's reprehensible. particularly in california one would think that a patient in a healthcare facility would have their life saved and the healthcare facility would not be concerned about a lawsuit -- charles: the woman who made the 911 call at this point she's got to feel like, you know, totally distraught. does she have a lawsuit against her employer? stuart: good one. >> i don't know who made the 911 call. she doesn't have a lawsuit against her -- charles: she could say my employer stopped me from helping this woman, i thought i would be under some legal jeopardy, and it turns out i wouldn't have been and now i have to live this for the rest of my life. >> the only conceivable lawsuit is the estate of the woman who died. the woman is
be is that whitey brought the fbi the nation's top law enforcement to its knees. he harnessed the power of the fbi on his behalf and that is what gave him his rise to power and his longevity and no one else in this underworld has that claim to fame so to speak. that is his historic marker that we should never forget because he compromised the fbi for so many years. it's a subject and a topic we went deep on and check for 20 years which whitey had his so called holy alliance with the fbi we refer to as the black mass years and we have taken those and in the new book whitey we have put them in the larger context, the full arc of his long life and getting into the project to finance the research for the past year or so got away we were astonished by how much new material and information we were able to uncover and work with in trying to put together the long life of whitey taking a look at the making of the monster, the house and the body of whitey. these are things when you read him you are going to be reading about whether it is tracing the family, the history of the family backed off your land for
by the british. we have a common law system and we observed from a. the british are rapidly losing their common law system through the e.u. not because we are the only nation on earth to common law. everybody else follows french civil law. common law is the notion that god plans the law in the hearts of the people, that they know what's right and wrong and the other theaters as the germans did to enforce the law that everybody else i ready knows is right. civil law stems from divine right of games, which does god plans the law and the heart of the ruler and dispenses it as he sees fit. that's really where most of the state fire. a christian, mostly protestant, i don't think too many people would argue with that. private property rights with titles and deeds. this is brought out in a boat by hernando desoto called the mystery of capital, in which he argues one of the missing things in much of what i used to call a third world which they have property, but they don't have written titles and deeds to the property that allowed them to the so-called leverage that to build businesses. one of the firs
of tickets. >> hear from the rider left shaken in his motorcycle boots. >> he's the law, he's the judge. i was like what's going on? >> mt. etna creates some boiling hot boulders. >> something i have never seen video of before. >> run for cover, it's raining rocks. you don't see this often. >> a bird rescued from a tree. >> how the good old water canon made it happen. >>> and we showed you that video of a guy pushing his girlfriend -- >> off a cliff! >> we were all mad at him for having done it. >> i broke up with him over this. >> now find out if she did. we have the whole story. one made me yosemite sam mad. i was so irritated when i saw this helmet cam camera from jean paul, a motorcycle rider in las vegas. it's bumper to bumper traffic. the car to his left is putting on its right hand indicator. jean paul slows to let that car in. watch what happens. he gets rear-ended. watch who comes up to greet him. >> no. it was not the cop who rear-ended him. >> the cop did rear end jean paul on the bike. listen to the cop's reaction. >> you always hit your brakes like that when someone changes a
of texas. >> stephen: is voter i.d. going to stop you. rick perry behind the voter i.d. law, isn't he? >> if you look at the state the way republicans have gerrymannedered it. >> stephen: it's an ugly word. it's extremely accurate but ugly word. >> the laws they put in place make it hard to vote. we're going to get people out to vote, fight tour their voting rights and turn them out in force. >> stephen: do you want to make a bet? $100? >> yes. >> stephen: i bet you $100 you cannot get barack obama reelected in 2016. jeremy bird, íyíyíy0hrbeméffñ so free credit score's redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. this one lets us know what happens if someone checks our credit. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we pay off our loans. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn ♪just like every night has it's dawn♪ score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in bret michaels slider still in beta. [cheers and applause] >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. thanks. [cheers and appl
forward to sign into law the by an of hallow points bullets. these bullets have no place on our streets. and there's another type of violent crime where often no weapon is involved and that's domestic violence and abuse which effects whoo too many woman and children in our streets. we must prevent and report domestic abuse. i pledge - and i pledge to continue to working on the pleasantly with our partners in the community to bring to issue the violation that will prevent woman and children >> i'm also proud that under our probation departments and working with police and other city departments san francisco in 2012 has responded to the challenges a of realignment and intergrating non-violent programs it sport non-violent lives. and just as he must continue to be a healthier city. less than one year our adults will receive health care thanks to president obama and nancycy pelosi. we have a long-standing healthy program and the new international law will extend the program to 3 b thousand san franciscans. and just as we must keep getting health care and pension reform define we must addr
. in fact, it's the law. full-time workers in france are guaranteed at least five weeks vacation and a maximum 35-hour work week, with no paid overtime allowed. and not everyone is thrilled about working even 35 hours. >> the aim is to keep your job without working. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm leslie stahl. in this episode, we'll examine our relationship with work. how much is too much, too little, and who should decide? but before we look at the hours we spend on the job, we'll look at how employers tried to influence the way their workers act off the job. as morley safer reported in 2005, that cigarette or drink at home, that political candidate you supported, even your eating habits are coming under the scrutiny of your employer. if your boss doesn't approve, it might even cost you your job. >> anita epolito and cara stiffler were considered model employees at weyco, an insurance consulting firm outside of lansing, michigan. anita, 14 years on the job, cara, five. they sat side by side, sharing workloads and after work the occasional cigarette. but at a company benef
it immediately. for example, women. 34,248 fewer law enforcement officials get domestic violence training. >>> so i mean if you're in the beltway and have a nice house out in the suburbs, it may take a while for you to feel it. but if you're in a zern area and you're depending on some of what has now been taken away, it is a major impact to you right now, congresswoman: >> well, that's right. and i think about the 235,000 domestic violence hotline call that are going to go unanswered because the money is not there. e.j. is right. it won't be felt right away. but there will be a ripple effect down the line. in just a couple weeks, students starting to get ready to figure out their financial aid packages, pell grants, stupt loans. and then people across the country are going to make their members of congress get their religion and get back here in washington to do their work. one, we haven't even worked that much this year. but when we have, we've been naming buildings and, you know, doing adjournment votes and voting on the day's proceedings where we actually haven't done anything for the day. it'
gatos will examine a temporary ban on guns. the law would only apply to new gun shopsle comes after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of a gun shop. it was allowed to operate before is received hit federal permit. >>> a seven-year-old boy in maryland claims he was suspended from school for eating his pop tart into the shape of a gun. josh's teacher thought his create it nibbling was more destructive than artist stick, and she claimed he said bang, bang, after the chewed the pop tart into the shape of a gun. he says he didn't. >> i was trying to make a mountain, but it didn't look like a mountain. and it turn out to be a gun. >> i would call it insanity. look at all the potential issues that could be dealt with in school. real threats. bull wheres. whatever the issue is. and it's a pastry. >> ama: the school refused to comment on camera citing confidential issues. >> starting tomorrow parking meter fees are going up around at&t park in san francisco. meter hours are extend it 10:00 p.m. on game days the rate is $7 an hour. the first event will be the world baseball classic on
to a law enforcement memorial and public intoxication. this happened on friday, the first day back on the job for santa cruz police officers following tuesday's killing of sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. >>> and tragic news this evening from the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon in san francisco. this morning, we know it's grueling, but this morning a man from austin, texas died as he began the swim portion of the race. race officials believe the 46-year-old must have suffered a massive cardiac event during the first part of the triathlon which begins at alcatraz island. we talked with the race organizer, who says in the race's 3-year history, nearly 100,000 athletes have participated and this is the first time someone has died. >> the gentleman received assistance right when it happened. i mean, that's all you can ask for if you're an athlete. if you're an athlete and something happens, you want to get assistance as soon as something happens to you in the water or on the bike or on the run. and he got that assistance today. unfortunately, any type of assis
meeting on wednesday. teachers must be notified about possible layoffs by march 15th. >>> a new state law banning public school fees is causing a lot of confusion. the law prohibits schools for charging fees for classroom items and activities. schools are prohibited for requiring students to bring certain materials to class. schools and teachers are trying to raise money for field trips and school supplies. they say they're not sure exactly what the law allows. supporters of the law say it was necessary because charging fees was putting a financial burden on low income families. >>> the finishing touches are being made this evening at a project turning the bay bridge in to a 1.8-mile long massive light show. it could mean big business to the cities. >> reporter: in the daylight you may not notice the changes to the bay bridge. but look closer. those tiny dots on the cables are l.e.d. lights. on tuesday night, the lights go on for a two-year light show. ben davis conceived of the idea. now after two and a half years and $6 million in private funds raised, the artist has made it a reality.
's not happening here, it's happening in europe as well. chris: what does it mean to be entitled? under the law at 65, you get all of the health care you need. doctors tell me or at least one doctor told me, people come in and they say give me everything and i don't want to pay for anything. >> in a way, you can argue what we have here is a branding problem. we need a rebranding of some of these things. they're not really entitlements. there is no guarantee under the law. it's a benefit. in that sense, just as companies are cutting back on benefits, the government at some point, everyone knows, has to cut back on benefits also. chris: the word we never say is socialism. in effect, once your 65 in this country when it comes to health, you're guaranteed to be taken care of. >> we're all socialists from the day we're born. you don't have to be poor and unemployed to be on welfare. we're all at the trough. we're all health care queens. my parking is subsidized. you're very subsidiesed. the whole country is built on a series of assistance. chris: explain to the skeptic. >> you don't get direct payme
-- the camera or recording system that could help the law enforcement in this case the law enforcement doesn't seem to care so chief, i'm putting you on notice i know i'm your friend but do the right thing. mayor -- we can talk the talk time to walk the walk. those supervisors who come up and back the mta for the sake of backing the mta be educated on issues and to the public at home be very leery when you take m u.n. i is there a working camera before you board the bus thank you very much. >> thank you. if there are no other members of the public to comment we can close public comments. okay our actually -- this resolution is adopted. next item please. >> amendment 2009 strategic plan. this is an action item. >> any comments from colleagues i see none we'll go onto public comment public comment is open and if none come forward we'll close public comment this resolution is adopted next item please. >> this is an action item. >> colleagues, this resolution came forward unanimous consent from the committee to look at an executive recruit er firm and to have a director in by july 1st hope
this when it comes down to corporate law? >> no. she peddles perfection and her business dealings are messy. the story is so interesting, her name and brand mean something -- to almost anyone who knows martha stewart, her brand is simple and clean and good lines, right? when you look at the business dealings between macy's, j.c. penney and martha stewart it's not so simle and clean and bright colors -- >> hold that thought for a second. i want to bring in our legal panel because this is like contract law. sunny hostin and randy zellin, shouldn't it state in black and white whether you can be exclusive? >> the loirsz for martha stewart, she has the best money can buy. she says there's a loophole in contract that someone didn't do their job years ago when this first contract was entered into and there is an exclusion so that she can do this deal j.c. penney bought about 70% of her company. this is a big deal and i can't imagine she went in it blind. this woman is a force to be reccened with, she's smart and savvy business woman -- >> this couldn't have been an accidental deal. randy, i want t
the traffic laws so that cyclists would treat it red lights like stop signs and treat stop signs like yield signs. it was wondering about any changes in law? >> it has been suggested recently that cyclist conditions should be improved. one was that cyclists should be able to ride on a red light. that was a discussion. i do not think that we will get that in denmark, because you have to change the legislation opinion that cyclists, they already have the rights they need. they have the same rights as cars, and that is enough. we don't have this for cars. >> we also have european regulation on that. i should do the picture of the 1-way roads. the cost that it brought with it. underneath the existing sign, you had to make another sign on the other part of the road. the also had to indicate you are a car driver on a one-way road but you may have cyclists on the other side. we said, let's pass the message that it is like that, with or without the extra sign, but we could not because it was prohibited by european regulations. we do have some constraints there. >> in the netherlands, you have a sep
saw the news coverage this morning and he called police to report it stolen. law enforcement drew their guns this morning to try to coax the trio off and he appeared to be white in his 60s and had some knowledge of sailing. >> it is in a hole, turned the rutter back and forth, so he is doing all he can do but he is in a really bad spot. >> reporter: the 10-foot kill snapped in the waters and the boat has not moved for hours. right now we are taking a look at the harbor from where the boat is kept an experts tell us the boat has been used for cruises around the san francisco bay and is worth $2 million and is referred to as the treasure of the harbor. they saw it leave the slip last night and according to the owner the captain has been accounted for and he does not know the people who took the boat. this is an ongoing situation, the woman is being let up bypass i have can police and they -- pacifica -- by pacifica police and ultimately the boat will be to tow it out of here and they don't know how much it will cost to repair the keel and the owner is due to arrive and we will have
to modifying the tax law. what's the constitutional court says our concept of family has changed since the basic law of 1949 was written. that's something we need to think about. >> a party conference agreed not to introduce legal equality without a constitutional court ruling, but they are feeling the heat from the junior coalition partner. >> we very much hope tolerance will prevail. they still have time to send a signal indicating a more democratic, tolerant society. >> the question is whether the government acts before a court ruling forces their hand. >> how is the meeting wrapping up that we mentioned, terry? >> an interesting meeting. the purpose was to cquell a debate on the gay marriage and the outcome was this. the conservatives decided they will wait and see what the constitutional court rules in extending more rights to individuals in same-sex partnerships. meanwhile, conservatives decided they are against extending any more rights to individuals in same-sex marriages unless they're being forced to by the court. essentially, what we have ended up with is nothing. chancellor
with a reason to pass bicycling law. according to science, he's completely wrong one study said that driving car produces ten times more co2 emissions than riding a bike. >>> nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us now tracking the weather. another storm. >> the very unpopular -- >> why do you say that? >> who wants to hear about a snowstorm in the march. this morning the snowstorm is going to move across the country over the next 3 1/2, 4 days. it's already on its way. this is just the beginning of this storm, today the worst travel, north dakota and minnesota. and portions of iowa. temperatures are cold enough for snow to accumulate. winter storm watches in northern portions of virginia, including washington, d.c. and baltimore. an updated winter storm warning for the greater chicago area, this is the target zone of this storm as it makes its trek to the east coast. chicago, for all snow. lot more questions about how much snow is going to accumulate. it may mix with rain for coastal areas of virginia. this swath of snow. the white is three to six inches. widespread through minneapolis down thro
of the san francisco police department that challenged our able to provide top-notch law enforcement due to staffing and budget challenges. this past year we were expected to do more with less, and this expected to be the new normal. not only did we persevere, we excelled. we went into the neighborhoods and heard them. we lived through one of the busiest december in san francisco, and a good january and february, we can talk about that play-calling later. we were relatively unscathed for the mission district celebrating the world series. we pulled together as a team, with one common goal to keep the city safe. this took leadership not from the top down but from the streets up. the senior officers and lieutenants knowing what was needed. it took the captains to be sure that their teams were willing to work as one. and again keeping the city safe. we did it like the champions we are. like no other law enforcement can, san francisco's finest. as each of you move in your new role, you will have the technology of advancements that provided for us locally and regionally and around the world. a
with duct tape. there should be a law. have your disaster kit in that room, have snacks available for kids. turn off the hvac, heating, ventilation air conditioning units because you don't want to be blowing in or sucking in the vapor cloud outside. fireplace, close the dampers and seal off your shelter in place room by using duct tape and terms of the emergency alert system. listen to the radio. that's it. do not try to call the school, try to pick up your children because do you want to leave the area? no, you want to shelter in place. people own pets. do not risk your safety for pets. in summary, it is likely you are at an incident that may be involved with bnice, your safety is the most important. limit your time, get your distance away from that and some type of shielding and listen to the emergency alert system, your radio. . >> there's an acronym that we use to use an extinguisher. what's that acronym? we're going to take turns putting out this fire. you can see that it will make a pretty big mess but at least it put out the fire in your house or something like that. so when we want
are correct >> i kind of figured that out because we are not just talking about law and accounting jobs, but we are talking about the vast, or the whole number of people who would be in the office as part of their work even though they are working for a cultural institution or a medical institution. so with that regard, i think that we, you know our projections should remain at the high end. because i think that we should or we probably will at least be at the regional average and the reason that i say that is some of the things that the director brought up about the attractiveness about being in an urban area not to mention the emp itus from legislation which is directing us to have jobs near the transit in the population centers and the fact that auto traffic, travel is for your job is becoming very costly, and very unattractive to a lot of people and i can speak from experience having been in areas of the bay area during the week and trying to, you know, get from one place to another and it is not easy because of the amount of traffic on the roads if you are trying to drive. so a lot
on and unlike when the democrats were in charge. >> how about a budget? >> the law says the president was supposed to submit his budget are very poor. it is now almost march 4 and we have never seen it yet. the house has each year passed a budget. we just had paul ryan they are and the budget he will submit this time will balance in 10 years. we are going to get this right. we are going to offer the american people a plan to get the federal government in order by making smart choices and changers that will grow the economy and get on a better path. lou: does this complement the other leaders on capitol hill? what took so long? >> is a tough and challenging place. we made mistakes along the way. the important thing is that we figured out how to get this right. we have also tried to change the rules in the house to make it a more open process. john boehner led that effort. to make sure that people could deal with it. lou: does this mean regular order will be applied to all major issues before the house of representatives? >> i certainly hope so. lou: whether it is illegal immigration, t
of his second term, including trying to overhaul the nation's guns and immigration laws. meantime, the administration continues to raise alarm bells about the impact from those changes, those spending changes that kicked in last week. the controversy, did they overwarn. why is arne duncan the education secretary telling teachers are laid off only to find out from the washington post that's false. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says some airports are seeing impacts from the spending changes with passengers experiencing delays, she says, because the tsa is cutting back. and ms. napolitano also warns that these things could get worse going forward. and we shall see. and in the middle of all of those warnings that some republicans are trying to remind people, that the administration does have choices when it comes to spending. according to alabama senator jeff sessions, the president's recent golf weekend with tiger woods cost taxpayers more than a million dollars, or enough money to save 341 federal workers from going on furlough. the golfing gathering happened last mon
to play for a while dispite the no open container law in san francisco it's not hard to find . well open containers some people try to be descret and others not so descreet. with a little harder lemonade and you can rest assured that if you see a sign that says do not feed the birds, you will always fing someone feeding them it's like seeing a sign that reads no stopping with a vehicle stopped right next to it if you come to fishermans wharf briung a good book and enjoy the sights but always be aware of your surrondings in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news temperatures in the 40's in the 50s. . your forecast for tomorrow one >> it's a medical first coming out of mississippi. a baby born with h-i-v is now considered cured. the baby was born to an h-i- v positive mom and put on anti-retro-viral drugs for 15-months. then around that time the mom decided to take her daughter off of the drugs. when doctors examined the baby girl eight-to-ten- months afterwards they couldn't find any signs of doctors are hoping that this may pave the way to eliminating h-i-v infection in children. and
what the work we did and the stories we heard, there were stories about how the laws in lebanon on, for example, would prevent women from obtaining their passport. their employers had taken them away. i was curious about your experiences and the places you have traveled. >> it is diabolical. i am glad congress reauthorize the violence against women act. in that was the trafficking victims' protection act, which helps take away those double standards in american law. too often, we victimize the victims. in terms of internationally, that is why i referenced none of these problems are in isolation. the solutions are holistic. health is the building block of all stability. when a girl is healthy, she can go to school. she can stay in school. when she has her period, what she needs for her hygiene, she can stay in school. for every year a girl stays in school, she has her first child at an older age, and fewer children. her earning capacity skyrockets exponentially. she contributes to her family, her community, and lists the nation out of poverty. when you have laws, because the girls a
.4 trillion dollar debt limitment and they also pass a law that would dock lawmakers pay unless the democratically controlled senate pass as budget which it hasn't done in nearly four years. >> i think that was just a gimmick, giving barack obama a blank check for four months is just inane as far as i'm concerned. >> this is a huge day for the american people. >> john: it seems the only people that's pleased are the ones at the white house. >> the president will not delay in this billing becoming law. >> they're playing political pr. i think they want to stay in their jobs. >> john: january 29th, rozwell, georgia. >> what's the biggest challenge you've got right now. >> congressman price has breakfast with skeptical business leaders from thinks district. >> it's the same thing they've been doing, it's not working and it's taking us down the wrong road. >> john: what are you hearing from your constituents? >> they're scared to death. >> john: two days later, in a nearby congressional district congressman brown is meeting with constituents, too. >> and actually changing until we d
come into law as soon as next year. carolin roth is in zurich. are the swiss shooting themselves in the head here? >> well, that's hard to say. a lot of people say it could impact switzerland's competitiveness negatively, though other experts have told me this morning that the fundamental res still in place because switzerland has a very low corporate tax rate, still has the right business environment. now, also, we're going to have to wait and see. to what extent these strict pay laws are actually going to be xwlekted because some people say they could be watered down quite significantly. but what it does ensure, of course, is this, you know, lower extent of short-termism in the swiss labor market. so it ensures that no corporate executive from overseas is coming to switzerland just to get that big signing bonus. but i just want to show you what the reaction has been in the newspapers. the french daily says this is a triumph. and you see his corner office as being smashed here. now, another paper says this is the historic coop. of course, they're referencing to the person who is
. the law would only apply to new gunshots, and comes after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of the gun shop. one questions why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal firearms sales permit. plan needs votes from four five council members in order to pass. >> ahead, the new program making sure that patients don't receive unnecessary medical tests at the doctor's office. >> and now, the dow is down 39 points and still over 14,000 mark. trading is underway and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. but, first, five shootings in four days. a deadly weekend across the bay area has police staying very >> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> let's check with josh elliott at 6:45 for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning to the bay area. the stunning story of an 87-year-old woman collapsing at a retirement home and a nurse then refused to give her cpr despite pleas from the 9-1-1 operator. we will explain why the nursemaid the decision she did. that is next on "go
. there are a variety of reasons for that. one is poor law enforcement capacity. even if the government wants to, and we know that because of long years of dictatorship, when our military dictatorships and authoritarian regimes they enforce a certain element of consensus which appears to be a consensus. beneath that, expressions are being stilted. these military groups raise their ugly head. -- militant groups raise their ugly head. the pakistani shias being butchered in karachi. the hazara community was being targeted for the last 70 years. i think there is a lot of things which the government of pakistan has to be responsible to. why do you keep investing in submarines when your local law enforcement lacks the capacity of forensic sciences? >> egypt's former president will barack will a retrial on april 13. over the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising that deposed him two years ago. however, in january cairo's appeal court granted him a retrial. at least 253 people have been hurt in new protests in port said. the unrest was triggered by the decision to move 39 prisoners charged in a
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